Music Recordings

  • Mix & (analog) mastering
  • movie dubbing
  • LP, MC & video re-recording to CD/DVD
  • Cutting, mixing, mastering
  • Mixing of your already recorded production

Sound Restoration

We entrauschen and entknacken your tapes and LPs and make a CD.

Mobile Sound Studio

Tape-recording a concert? No problem!

Voice Production

  • Hörspiele, Hörbücher
  • Präsentationen, Lesungen
  • Hörfunkbeiträge, Interviews, Infomercials etc.

Music Production (Composition & Recording)

  • Bands
  • Jingles, audio logos

Radio Promotion (administration & production)

  • Spots
  • Trailer

Corporate Audio (Composition & production)

  • Sound design, audio branding, audio logos
  • Workshop dubbing, audio documentations